Sentry has an expanded stock for a greater selection of jackets, rainwear,pants and shirts. At Sentry, there are over 1000 pants and over 1000 shirts in stock to keep up the demands of our current customers needs! We have the newest ANSI-approved hi-vis safety vests, raincoats, spring and winter jackets, gloves, and rain covers. Custom made bullet proof vest as well.

We also have in stock LED rechargable and battery-operated flashlights with strobe mode, along with cases and cones.

Sizing is not a problem with a 28 waist to a 54. Women’s sizes as well from 2- 24. Having the proper fitting and being efficient in the process is our goal. Having our customers walk out the door with the merchandise in hand is what Sentry is proud of and known for!

Sentry Uniform and Equipment takes great pride in waiting on our local military, Police, Fire, Sheriff, EMT departments. Sentry has a wide variety of uniforms and equipment and provides the sewing that is required for each and everyone’s individual needs.

Sentry Uniform has been in business since 1955. Dedication and honest
hard working people is the key to SUCCESS!

Working there every day gives our employees great satisfaction because of the customer’s appreciation

for all that we do so professionally and efficiently!

Please take a look at pictures of our store! Enjoy!!